Career Choice: Automotive Systems Technology

Bobby Ventura, a lean 6’2″ blonde-haired blue-eyed senior high school junior, is really a self described home auto technician who enjoys trying out his screaming yellow ’97 Mustang at each chance he is able to get. Getting an uncle who runs a garage helped him to land his first vehicle several several weeks before he acquired his license.

“I am very little for studying, but auto shop has stored me focused. I intend on employed by my uncle after i finish school and I’ll take night classes at Tech to obtain my AAS in Automotive Systems Technology. Cars have altered a great deal through the years and my uncle wants somebody that can’t only turn a wrench, but have the ability to read a pc. Today’s cars cash more diagnostic stuff to determine and that’s what I will learn at Tech,” Bobby quipped.

Cars have altered and the marketplace for new mechanics has altered too. As older mechanics retire, they will have to be substituted with experts who not just know cars from bumper to bumper but could also understand software applications. Installing a K&N cold air intake continues to be an essential skill, however, many repair centers now want students who are able to understand and connect gps systems, for example OnStar, that are available on many vehicles today.

Indeed, new cars like the BMW 7 Series come outfitted with fiber optic cables which connect the navigation system, cellular service, radio, and CD player. Compounds, too, have introduced another section of niche along with the hopeful introduction of hydrogen powered vehicles inside a decade or more another specialization may also open.

Bobby’s guidance counselor, Ted Winslow, is happy with his career choice. “Bobby identifies with fixing things and that he is very proficient at what he is doing. I can not see him sitting behind some desk after i know that he’s much interested in working beneath the hood of the vehicle, installing a chilly air intake, replacing a radiator, or swapping out a heater core. Besides, if he is doing very well someone like BMW may hire and train him as well as their mechanics could make over 100K each year.Inch

When the student in your house is contemplating their opportunities, going through the automotive technology field may be worth a glance. An over-all lack of highly trained mechanics helps to ensure that the brightest students will discover work and become compensated very well. Bobby Ventura is beginning his career off right by attending technical school where an AAS degree in Automotive Systems Technologies are sure to point him within the right direction.

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