Does your Business Really Need a Search Engine Optimized Website?

You have probably thought about having a site for your business; however, are not sure if having one is worth your investment. No matter what your site’s business goals are, having an online presence must be part of your business plan.  And building a website is not enough since it needs to be optimized to get found by search engines online. Here are some benefits of having a search engine optimized site.

Demographic Data

Having a great idea of your specific customers and their needs are necessary aspects to market your business. Having a site, coupled with free tools like Google Analytics, can help in determining your marketing demographics. Tools like Google Analytics can offer a lot of various data or data that has the most hits to how internet users find your site online. You can use this kind of data to optimize your site and grow your business.

Customer Driven Approach

Your site will let you drive more customers to your physical locations. As your site is on the web at all times and search engines can see it, customers will find your business and are not limited to learning about your offerings during normal business hours. Additionally, you can tailor your site to offer customers the exact pieces of information they are looking for.



Having a well-designed and professional looking site will offer credibility to your business. When your site has well-written web content, your customers will be engaged and encouraged to explore your site and know more about what you offer. Today, more people are searching for products and services online and many businesses prefer to have a site for more exposure. Failing to have a web presence and an optimized site is like giving business to your competitors.

Ease of Customer Interaction

A lot of people think that a site is just a place to put information. However, at its core, a professionally-designed and well-maintained site is more than that. Having the chance to get to know your target customers by using a blog and social media will offer you more information on what your target customers want and expect from your business. Also, you can design your site and create content and optimize it to address the needs of your customers. Work with Shane Perry SEO on this aspect. This drives more traffic to your site as they may share such information with others through social media. Just ensure you pick a good website design company to ensure customer interaction in your site is maximized.



Unlike print media, a site can be changed easily and updated frequently depending upon your marketing needs. And the cost to change site content is measured through time, while a piece of print media includes material and time. A site is not a replacement for printed media; however, a well-designed website that has targeted content can definitely supplement the print materials. Your site can be used for offering your clients with printed materials through downloadable content or offer video media to client that they can watch directly while still in your site. Truly, the way your site looks and functions will make a difference in how your give your visitors the best experience.