Online or Offline, You Get What You Pay For!

The only thing worse than being bad at something, is hiring somebody who is as bad (or even worse) than you. This holds true in the offline world just as much as it does in the online world. In the online World however, people tend to get away with pretences more than in the offline world. Or so it would seem. It is easier to present a fake character online in order to get jobs one is one hundred percent unqualified for. As the saying goes though, ?the proof is in the pudding?.

Anybody can make grand claims but the truth will reveal itself eventually. Hopefully sooner than later. Good example of this is when I recently hired a graphic designer to create a couple ebook covers for me for an upcoming ebook launch. I knew he is good at web design and automatically assumed he was good at creating ebook covers as well, especially since he was advertising it as a service he offered. To my surprise and disappointment, his ebook covers were horrendous. Heck, looking at the ebook covers I would have never guessed that he was proficient at using Photoshop.

It certainly didn?t look like it at least. Thankfully he gave me a full refund after I uttered my disappointment and I was able to hire someone who specializes in ebook covers. Funny enough this girl does not do web designs or anything else. All she does is ebook covers, and they are magnificent. There is another saying we used to have back home: Jack of all trades, master of none! My advice? Stay clear of people who do it all.

Give your business to someone who specializes in one field and takes pride in it, and you will – most times – get quality workmanship. If you opt for the jack of all trades because he is cheaper – well – he is cheaper for a reason. You almost always get what you pay for. My grandfather was a small machine mechanic. He fixed everything small enough to fit in his garage. He was cheap too. At least cheaper than a real mechanic. Why? Because he used sub par parts when fixing things. Laundry machine had a leak? No problem. Stuff a piece of bubblegum in the gap. The lawnmower is worn out to the extent that it burns oil? No problem. Put in thicker oil. My point? If you want quality work – be it online or offline – be prepared to pay for it. Cheap out and the work quality will suffer!