Seven Reasons You Should Use a Managed Dedicated Hosting Plan

With the hundreds of different web hosts that are available to choose from, it can be a bit of a challenge to determine which one can best meet your needs. It is also, however, one of the most important decisions that you will make as a business that operates online.

Without a reliable web host, you could put yourself, your business, and your customers at risk. Once you have determined that a web host fits your needs, the next step is to decide which hosting plan you will go with.

Managed dedicated hosting plans have long been considered to be the optimal option for businesses that want to quickly grow and scale their business online and in a safe environment. Here are seven reasons why you should go with a managed dedicated hosting plan.

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Increased Security             

Most businesses would agree that security is one of their top priorities, especially when they do a significant amount of business online. Fortunately, with managed dedicated hosting, that is exactly what you get.

While you would expect strong security from any hosting plan, dedicated servers offer the highest level of security possible. Most hosts that manage your plan will regularly run security audits and scan for viruses. In addition, you will have other tools and resources at your disposal to ensure that your website is secure and that your customers and data are protected.

Hosts that offer managed dedicated hosting will generally also have technicians and engineers available around the clock to assist you if a security threat occurs. If your business is done primarily online, this is something that should be considered essential.


While security is certainly important, the reliability of your servers may be just as or even more important. When your servers go down, it could end up costing you thousands of dollars in potential revenue. The costs of having these issues resolved can make this loss even bigger.

With a dedicated server, you receive the reliability of high uptime guarantees and a staff of technicians that are available to assist you whenever the need arises. Most hosts that offer these plans will provide server monitoring, which is a process that constantly scans your servers to ensure there are no issues or failures that need to be taken care of.

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In the end, it is the proactive nature of a managed dedicated hosting plan that makes it so reliable. Instead of waiting until an issue occurs to fix it, technicians and software will consistently monitor your servers to ensure that issues do not occur in the first place.


If growing your business is important to you, there are not many hosting plans that provide a better avenue for doing so than managed dedicated hosting. These plans generally enable you to manage your storage in a way where it can be increased, or even decreased, on demand. This means that you do not have to worry about waiting around until permission is granted for more storage.

More Control

If you decide to go with a shared or even virtual private server plan, you will inevitably be limited in the amount of control that you have over your servers. With a dedicated server, on the other hand, you have a great deal of control over what you do with the servers and how they are handled.

Even if your dedicated server plan is managed, you still have plenty of control over how the server operates. This provides a massive amount of flexibility in what you can do and is once again one of the main reasons that it is the optimal option for businesses that are committed to growth.

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More Support

Just about every web host that offers managed dedicated server plans will provide a significant increase in the support that they offer for these plans. Many will even give you access to engineers that are available around the clock to answer your questions or provide assistance as needed.

When you run a website, there are likely to be several instances where you need answers to questions quickly and don’t have time to wait around for answers. Having an expert available around the clock can be essential in these situations, as it limits wasted time and ensures that you are always operating at maximum efficiency.

Better Performance

While there is already plenty of evidence supporting why dedicated server plans are the best option for website owners, another great benefit is the fact that they provide better performance than other plans. In a world where consumers are as impatient as they have ever been, performance means everything.

With these plans, you receive the best possible performance for your website. This means that even if your website is swamped with an overload of traffic on a certain day or you need to add high-resolution videos to the site, you can still have the peace of mind of knowing that your website will operate as effectively and efficiently as ever.

If you need more evidence of why better performance is necessary, consider the fact that the average attention span of consumers today is around eight seconds. In 2008, that number was somewhere in the neighbourhood of twelve seconds.

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Consumers expect that your website will perform at a high level all the time. If it doesn’t, they are likely to leave your website and not come back. Is that something that you can afford to risk?

Better Value in the Long Run

While dedicated server plans are obviously more expensive than shared or virtual private server plans, they do generally provide a better value in the long run. With the other options, you have to worry about things like security, reliability, and performance.

With dedicated server plans, on the other hand, your focus can stay on what you need to do to help your business grow. This saves you a significant amount of time and money over the long term.