Small business should do better to avail the services of shopify ecommerce


The main aspect of any business transaction is the sales of the products and the realization of the sales. Today, the online sales method has become the most popular one. More people are comfortable with the online mode of sales. The spread of the internet and the easy availability of the internet accessing devices have made shopping online very easy. However, business enterprises may find it a bit difficult to manage the online sale process on their own. They may require the services of a comprehensive ecommerce platform such as shopify ecommerce to take care of this vital aspect of their business.

The process of setting up of a website:

You need a dedicated website for selling your products online. You need to acquire a domain name as well as a web-hosting server for this purpose. Acquiring both takes some time as well as effort. The next step envisages you to build a website theme and acquire the security certificates to be able to sell your products online. You need to have enough space in your system to cater to the shopping cart purposes. Opening a merchant account for accepting credit card payments is also a time-consuming job. The small business enterprise may not have the time to spare for all these activities. He would like to have all these activities on a single ecommerce platform.

The solution:

Shopify is the best solution for such issues. You get all the facilities at a single window. Hence, you would be able to start selling within hours of subscribing to the packages. The greatest advantage of shopify is that you have the option of a free trial for a few weeks following which you can subscribe to their regular packages.

Is there a cost involved?

Naturally, you cannot expect anything to be free today. You have to subscribe to some plan to enable you to continue shopping. The basic plan starts from $ 14 a month. You would be able to sell up to 24 products in case you subscribe to this package. You may have to upgrade to a better package in case you experience a higher sales volume. The upgraded packages are in the range of $ 29 to $ 179 a month. In addition, you may also have to pay the credit card processing charges. These charges could range from 2.25% to 2.90%.

During its earlier days, you had to pay a transaction fee on every transaction. However, they have removed this fee today, as they get enough credit because of the credit card processing charges.

Advantages of using shopify:

You can access the shopify themes to advertise your products. There are many themes on offer. Using these themes is better, as you would otherwise have to spend huge amounts on creating your web theme.

Drawbacks if the system:

This system is beneficial for huge volumes of sales. In case you have a lower sales figure, you end up paying a higher proportion of fees.


Despite the above drawback, shopify is an excellent one-stop solution for new business enterprises for selling their products online.