Want To Make Professional Facebook Cover Photos Within 5 Minutes?

Be Special! Pro Facebook Covers In Less Than 5 Minutes Are Now Reality!

Did you ever see Emma Watson’s Facebook cover? And what about Cher or Justin Bieber or Johnny Depp? All of their profiles look amazing, professionally tailored and master crafted. These celebrities must have paid some lucky design agency quite a sum.

But what if – just if – someone told you that you can do the same? For free and within mere moments! If it were me, I’d call that person either a liar or a man with deep understanding of what iPiccy is.

What’s iPiccy?

If you want to make Facebook cover online – iPiccy is the web app just for you. Upload a photo, or even series of them and get access to an intuitive photo editor that allows creation of collages, edits and even custom designs. All of that, by the way, is entirely free.

Professional perks

Here is a list of features that makes the app perfect for social media fans without any background in graphic design or photo editing.

  • iPiccy is free in use, does not require any personal info or validation and verification data. Both your email and your credit card are safe and sound.
  • The app grants rich and innovational capabilities to users. You won’t have to worry about formatting, width and resolution. You will have pre-determined, size-specific templates you can work with.
  • Rich functionality! You will have quick access to sculpting, layers, backgrounds, lighting and effects. All of that can be applied to a photo within several clicks of a mouse. Not more, nor less.
  • Intuitive interface of iPiccy will save you countless hours. Everything you may even think of needing is right there and displayed in a clear, precise manner.

Facebook is not the limit

Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are prominent social networks with a vast following. Some of your fans want to hear from you there and they are expecting a professional, stylish profile complimented with rich and colorful visuals. Even the YouTube thumbnails most people are using require more than just a touch.


And, even if we forget about all of the various social media platforms there are still your personal picks and you would like then to look as sharp as possible. The powerful online editor that’s built in the iPiccy app can work out perfect as a mean for such goals.

iPiccy offers series of additional design tools and appropriate software. They are enough for you to feel safe and in loving hands of a professional designer but without any additional expanses or even required Photoshop basics. The entire process is purely based on your desires, taste and creativity. You are the only person in the world who can make the best image fit precisely for your needs.

This http://ipiccy.com/feature/free-graphic-design-software free graphics design software is available and it can really do miracles!

You don’t need to be a graphics designer to plug a generic image into your Facebook cover. But what if you want something special?